Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Within the mass of swirling shards of metal, bodies cut in two, sparking cut conduit and that ever present starfield behind it all I had one thought. 'How the hell do I get out of this?!'.  'CQ, CQ, CQ!' I sent out... nothing...."CQ, CQ ,CQ' I repeated once more trying to slow my breathing and avoid anything that could puncuture my suit. Trying to turn and take it all in the remains of the Haphateus, all 400 of its personnel and me moved, tumbled and spun in space. '' Uhh... Gator..that you?". " Budds?...Budds that you?  Where are you?" I asked. " Somewhere near what was the engine room, shit theres a lot of christmas lights here". "What?  what do you mean?", : I think its the irradiated metal  from the internal parts of the drives.".  "Well get the hell out of there, your suit aint gonna protect you for long with all that around you" I barked. " Budds, always the slow and methodical one of our group,  tried to maneuver his way around and  away from the glowing metal, bumping into a few crew mates who had not got into a suit quick enough, "Aw shit, its pretty bad'  he said.  " Understatement of the century ' I retorted. Things weren't that good where I was, I had pieces of metal whizzing by threatening to tear open the only thing seperating me from life and the cold empty arms of vacumn. A piece of metal, probably some part of a bulkhead made brief contact with my helmet before bouncing off somewhere else, changing my directing of ..well falling I guess, I , we, were all just falling through space now.  Checking on my helmet and sensors... nothing but a graze, a lovely etching in the carbon nanotube that was my helmet face plate.  Letting out a breath of relief I relaxed a little... that was when I saw it and  froze, seems the ship wasn't finished with me yet,  a huge chuck of one of the heads was bearing down on me and it was gonna leave more than a mark.  Taken out by the shitter - what a way to go!

Friday, 16 October 2015


'Alpha 4...Alpha you read?  I repeat do you read?'....static...'Alpha 4 I say again, do you read? Please come in!'  The crackle of empty white noise becomes overwhelming...'.Looks like we've lost another one Sir!...'

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Input! Input! Input required!

Okay folks, I see the site has been visited quite a lot over the last few days but no one has left any queries, comments or anything else.  So a little input... anyone searching for Traveller  ( or sci fi rpg) info tell us what it is you are looking for.  Thanks. Transmission closed

Saturday, 20 June 2015

It's gotta start somewhere...

Greetings and welcome to what we hope will be an informative, helpful and insightful place in C-space about that Traveller role playing game. You can find a little more about me ( and hopefully the others as they enter their data) in the Meet the Crew page. 

Each page will be tended to by one or more of the authors, those who have a clearer picture or insight to the inner workings or just plain love for the Traveller system.  If anyone else would like to be a regular contributor and start up their own page get in contact.  

There are few rules; 
A:this is for the enjoyment of the game, not for profit (anything offered on here has to be for free),
 B: any use of anyone elses property needs to be acknowledged in any post,
 C: the aim of this is to increase the fun and knowledge of Traveller in its many forms so we'll be keeping our comments to what those strengths are, not the weaknesses are of another system. 

Thats about it, we hope you'll feel free to comment and contribute once we get  underway- til then fly safe, 8+ out.