Monday, 5 November 2018

And on we go...Stardust Redux 18.2...


Hmm seem to have got behind on posting the games..heres Traveller Stardust Redux 17.2..more to come...also sorry but it appears the players track did not, for some reason, record.  Am leaving it up in the hopes you can peice together the happening. Cheers

Sunday, 5 August 2018

There's Slow Business like Noh Business

Even during a two-week vacation, it was hard for me to do much in trying to give birth to a Traveller campaign, focusing on science-fictional insanity to the exclusion of work or the people I was with.

One thought is that each star-system or region within an empire might have its own special holidays.  On worlds with a pronounced Japanese descent, they might have a special commemoration of Day 218 (corresponding to the date August 6th in the old-old calendar when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima).

There is actually a Noh play, done in English, where the spirit of Oppenheimer regrets the work he did designing the atomic bomb, but is forced to revisit Hiroshima on the anniversary and be tormented by visions of the past, until a Buddhist spirit-king shows him the way to liberate his soul with a lot of Buddhist something something something.  The play is re-done every year, long after people understand Aynshunt Inglish and must follow along with a translated libretto.

If Noh theater could last until the future, it would be about 4,250 years old at the time of the Traveller game.  It only looks slow now because the old dialects and the old gestures laden with meaning are done and pronounced slowly and reverently with attention to detail.

The text:

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Hokay... Episode 14, the party continues, and the boys get their arses handed to them... watch on

Gawd - its been how long!!!...

Anyhow finally got around to posting the game before i left for my honeymoon... here it is in all its glory Episode 13 of Traveller Stardust Redux.. the boys get an invite to a big party and find that they have a special present they didnt know about...

Friday, 1 June 2018

Session 12 ...DAMN!


Hi all while recording the above session it all sounded good.  On reviewing and editing only one audio channel was recorded.  So a quick synopsis instead of the session.. the group break into a bank, encounter a cut down military kill bot, gain access to the lock boxes and vault rooms.  After returning said loot to their ship the group return to investigate a mysterious door ... mysterious door you say!?!? Easiest way to get a player curious.  Anyway once inside the next vault they are faced with a column that holds with in...surprise surprise - another locked box.  They careful transport said locked box back to their ship before packing up and heading our of system, avoiding the planetary defense net.  Swift sailing and two hops later place them back in Colonial Controlled Space.
Hopefully next system I can have everything sorted  cheers for now and Game on!

Monday, 14 May 2018

Session 11

Now , having dealt with the survivors the group change gear from humanitarian to profit mode - a visit to the city containing the starport, Acroyear,  is chosen and... well watch and see how it all ends...

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Session 10

So the group, having spent some R&R on Lilith ( best left unsaid about their various activities thereon ) return after hearing some rumors and surprise everyone doing something 'Humanitarian'...who would have thunk it!!!???....