Wednesday, 12 July 2017

No go

Try as I have I can not produce the recording from the fourth session of the TRAVELLER 77 game.  So a brief run down will have to do- The group continue their investigations into the gang of 4 (5).  Rudy is called back to Argo and a newly employed Jared replaces him on the job.  After several leads the group discover another possible source of trouble - the PA of Marsden himself - Rau Dunstann.  After looking into the background, several chases, abduction (sort of of Harold) the group manage to collect enough data to gain 50,000 credits for their work, but Marsden felt generous and offered the group a much more handsome 75,000 Cr.  Of course he doesn't know about the Private eye the group captured, thinking he was complicit in the wrong doings and then sent him via cryounit on a round trip between Axle and Haven.  That is a very short version of event.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

New sort of virus...

Hello all, if you have been watching any of the last three vids form any of our games there many have been a few viewing issues.  It appears I dont know squat about hos this works and as I am not patient enough to learn what  I need to do will be posting the usual way, via a hangouts record until I can work out what I am doing wrong. Cheers and Carry On...

Sunday, 2 July 2017


And so the group take fate by the balls and start their own business.. nothing to worry about..right?