Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Quickstart for Traveller Mongoose 2nd-ed.

Ah, finally I figured out how to Rudely Intrude into this blog.

I bought Traveller Mongoose 2nd-edition, and hoping to attract live newbie players (remember newbies?  It's all old men in Traveller) I wrote a quickstart summary of the game.  You might glean from it the dice-rolling differences of Mongoose 2.

Unlike Classic Traveller, armour [there are British spellings throughout this edition] doesn't affect the roll but is a straight number to subtract from damage.  Rolls with high "Effect" may still do at least 1 point of damage.  Also there is a varying Range number for each weapon but this Range is consistently divided by 4, or doubled, to show the different range bands (Close, Short, Medium, Long, Extreme) with a consistent DM in each band.  Sometimes you pick up 3 dice to roll instead of 2 (keep the 2 highest or the 2 lowest) but it strikes me as unnecessary complexity when you could just apply a DM.

There is a far-out new bar with science-fiction d├ęcor in Toronto called the See-Scape bar, and they feature board games, video games and special events, but RPGs are harder to spark a following, though at one time there was a Sunday group or two.  I hope to give them nothing but pure SF RPG, none of that fantasy shields and potions crap.

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