Friday, 1 June 2018

Session 12 ...DAMN!


Hi all while recording the above session it all sounded good.  On reviewing and editing only one audio channel was recorded.  So a quick synopsis instead of the session.. the group break into a bank, encounter a cut down military kill bot, gain access to the lock boxes and vault rooms.  After returning said loot to their ship the group return to investigate a mysterious door ... mysterious door you say!?!? Easiest way to get a player curious.  Anyway once inside the next vault they are faced with a column that holds with in...surprise surprise - another locked box.  They careful transport said locked box back to their ship before packing up and heading our of system, avoiding the planetary defense net.  Swift sailing and two hops later place them back in Colonial Controlled Space.
Hopefully next system I can have everything sorted  cheers for now and Game on!

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  1. For those interested, maybe you can stick that summary in the YouTube posting of the session following.

    Our finances are now insane. I may not have enough digits on my calculator utility to add up the Credits. If this were D&D, we would build a domain and figure out the costs for building a castle. What do we do with all this cash in Traveller? A ship? We've already got the sweetest Hop Ship (did anybody name it?)