Saturday, 23 January 2016

A Subsector of my Own

Hi oh Sid here talking out to the void that is the internet
Over on Google + we had some talk of making sectors and I was happy to sit back and see what others could come up with. But over the Christmas period i went into the city with my family for some Christmas cheer and there I was listening to buskers play their music then one of their songs hit me with feelings of isolation but also excitement at the possibility of what we could find out there in the universe (no I wasn't high but it does sound like I was).
So when I got home that night I used all my 2 year 1 month and 12 days of experience playing Traveller and started making a subsector that kind of reflected the feeling i had that night and come up with the Hansel subsector this was the 1st time I made a subsector I tried as best as i could to do it by hand. I have no real plans of what I'm going to do with this subsector it was just something to convey a feeling I had also it was something fun to create and see what I could possible come up with some day.


  1. Looks good Sid...take it and run with , flesh out some of the races/culture/customs and we'll play in it sometime this year if you would like?

  2. You don't have to be high to be excited about space and the possibilities of the fabulous fyooooooture. --Pierre

  3. Excellent work. A bit late for a comment. Isn't it amazing as you roll these worlds up especially if you do it by hand the subsector begins to come to life in unique ways. The simple UPP has a deeper meaning.