Saturday, 16 January 2016


The night sky had just settled down.  It was punctured now by small fast moving peices of heaven falling into the atmosphere. 'Pretty' she thought.  Then she saw a large bright flare off toward the east and realised what she was watching.  The battle above Fyn was not over yet, some poor people just had their life extinguished and what was left of their ship would now rain down on Fyn, or go floating off into the depths of space. She shuddered as she considered either of these fates for those poor souls that had survived the firefight and now faced a horrible end.  Fire or ice - it was a bad way to go.  As she watched more remnants arced across the night sky - she couldnt help wonder at its beauty but felt another shudder coming on as she considered those above her.  She turned to move into her ramshackel cabin, a loud boom heard over head, turned to see a large firey object bearing down, arcing towards her and her farm, closer and closer until it streaked past , landing somehwere in the northwest feilds.  Sighing and lowering her head and saying a silent prayer for the poor departed she made note to check out the damage in the morning, not much to do about it now.  If there was a fire the sensor bots would alert her.  With that she went inside .


  1. The Shalimar Custom Fast Freighter Hull Tons Mega Credits.
    Hull 300 tons Streamlined 13
    J-Drive (F jump-3) 35 60
    M-Drive (H 4G) 15 32
    PowerPlant (H) 25 64
    Fuel 102 tons 1-jump-3 four weeks operation 102
    Bridge ( 1-pilot, 1-navigator, 2-engineers ) 20 1.5
    Computer Model/4 4 30
    Staterooms 6 24
    Low Berths (2 emergency holds 8) 2 0.2
    Armaments 3 Triple Turrets (2XB M) (2XB M) (2XB S) 3 11.05
    Ships Vehicles 2X Air/Rafts 8 1.2
    Cargo 62 tons 62
    300 212.95
    Architect Fee + 1% or Common Design Discount -10% 2.1295
    Final Price 215.0795

  2. Nice Gerry, but did yu want that on the Starlight actual play page or as an entry seperate to my entry?