Actual Play Sector 77

Welcome to a new set of adventures.  These are played out in Sector 77 which has space both within the Far Rim of space and the Beyond of human space.  We start with standard 77 LBB character generation ( well David starts 4 times) and after this the game begins, taking a few dark turns and what was, hopefully, an unexpected twist at the end of the first session.  The next game could be a month or so away so watch this spot! Here is..It all started in a seedy little bar

Okay and now for the second installment Planetfall wherein the group get a taste of tramping and roughing it for a little. John and Erick could not make it to the game but Gerry was able to introduce Roger Malick, Merchant Officer, to the game-Enjoy

So the thrid game in and the group go from rescuees to rescuers...

Enter the next session...decision time!

So the group have a ship, a crew, but no money and no direction...until -

Shall we see what fun the crew get up to?  Watch on....

And what happens when one plays with fire?

So the crew make a!

Hmmm on reflection was that a good decision? Watch on.... next? And farewell to Dave , welcome aboard Dan

So, shore leave...ahhhhhh R&R-not!

Hmm thats a few ships this groups been through...Traveller on!
 And so, the group manage to.... well watch and see.  Also this will be the last post of the 77 game for a while as another player will be taking over the Referee job  under his game using the Mega Traveller rules (with of course his house rules). So til the 77 gang get back together Traveller On!


  1. Maybe my 4 deaths was a warning that should never drink while playing traveler!

    1. Lol - Maybe, but think of fun you had!

  2. When you fake credentials from a diploma-mill normally, all that happens is that the company discovers it or someone rats you out months later and you are fired. But pretending to know how to maintain Jump Drives is downright DANGEROUS! Lesson learned! Thanks to a completely fictitious game, I have more sympathy for the plight of refugees who do dishonest things to get out of a place. --Pierre S.

  3. In that spirit there was the song by Pop Will Eat Itself, 1994, "Ich bin ein Auslander" [I am a foreigner]

    That first planet (name?) got way too nationalistic.